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After the disappointment of having to cancel the 2020 Activate Your English Summer School, I write with great regret to announce that the planned 2021 course will also be cancelled.

The pandemic both in Italy and the UK is still very serious, and the many restrictions in place in both countries, make it simply impossible to recruit or run a safe and productive residential course. I am extremely sorry but we have no alternative but to cancel.

For the future, I cannot say exactly what will happen but I am considering the possibility of running non residential, 10 day courses in Italy in 2022 which will be able to offer some of the exciting learning opportunities which are the hallmark of AYE.

Once more, my apologies. We shall miss working with a group of enthusiastic and well motivated students. So, watch this space for future news.

John Norman
Director AYE

It contains details of our courses for 2020 and allows you to download application forms, brochure and all the information you need.

Our new format courses in 2013 were very successful and showed once again the remarkable progress which students can make on AYE.

We are looking forward to some really exciting courses and some wonderful and enthusiastic students.

DON'T MISS THE OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME - IT WON'T LAST FOR EVER. And if you have been to an AYE course, don't forget to tell your friends and encourage them to come.

With very best wishes to all our friends and colleagues of the AYE family

John X.

Commission payable to recommending teachers. Please contact our agent for details


Did you enjoy your experience of AYE and make good progress?  Would you like to help us interest other students in coming to an AYE course?
It is obvious that AYE students are our best advertisement.  It is very simple.  Once accepted as an AYE Student Ambassador, you tell other students and relatives about AYE and what is special about it, and encourage them to come to an AYE course in 2020.  We will give you a letter of authorisation, instructions and some brochures to hand out to people who you think might be interested.
We are looking for Ambassadors from different schools in different areas.  To be selected you must be 14+ years and have attended an AYE course.  If you are interested, contact Morena Santandrea, who will manage the scheme, by email at morena_aye@libero.it and tell her -
your name and full address, telephone number and email, your age, school address and area and which AYE course you attended..
In exchange for your help,for any student who actually attends an AYE course in 2020, we will pay you 50E, either in cash at the end of the summer, or the amount to be deducted from your course fees if you are returning to AYE in 2020.
If you are interested in helping us in this way, contact Morena Santandrea today and become an AYE Student Ambassador for 2020.
John L. Norman
Course Director.

Thank you to all our students, teachers, parents and friends who continue to support AYE and make it possible.