in 2020 at St John's College, University of Durham

with John Norman

Activate Your English :
Course: July 3rd - July 17th

All AYE courses include -
  • Language Basics Boost - grammar, tenses, vocabulary etc
  • Singing
  • Induction Days
  • Sports
  • Self Evaluation
  • Seminars
  • 3 Guided Excursions
  • Language Games
  • Drama/Theatre
  • Interviews, Presentations, Quizzes
  • Special Course Focus
  • Final Performance Project

Course: 14 - 18yrs Levels A2-C1
Special Focus 'ENGLISH IN ACTION.'
This year's combined course is for students aged 14 who will begin High School in September through to those of 18 yrs who will soon be leaving. The main purpose of the course is to help students gain the confidence to use and improve the English that they know already to communicate fluently in English.
After the 'Basics Boost' of the first three days induction to activate their English, the course will include all the normal exciting activities of AYE (see above) with a special focus on the English of everyday life. Some parts of the course will be taught at two age group levels and others will be for the whole group.

Our final whole group project will be entitled 'Our World - Now and Then, an exploration of the challenges for the 21st Century' and will be created and performed by the group from interviews and then recorded.

Know quite a lot of English but not confident enough to use it? This course is definitely for you!
Course director John Norman being serious

Course director
John Norman

A group outing to Alnwick Castle

Students at Alnwick Castle

Really improve your English!

All inclusive price - no hidden extras - includes all flights, transport in UK and travel, all taxes, fuel and baggage supplements, insurance, all teaching and tutorials, activities and excursions, food and accommodation, AYE report and souvenir etc
Course costs :

1/ Summer School Full price

New Students                1855

Returning Students        1810
Morena at the formal dinner
Morena and students at the formal dinner

2/ Discounted Price -
full payment must be received by us before 1/4/2020

New Students                1810

Returning Students        1760

The class of 2016

The Class of 2016.

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